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Layaway-Painting 18x18

Kristin Llamas

This original painting is by Tennessee based artist Kristin Llamas. "Layaway" is acrylic on canvas which has an abstract background with dock with a tea pot. Scroll down for more information about shipping and our list of design services. Detailed images of the painting and framing available upon request. If you'd like exclusive access to new artwork, sign up for our 1st Dibs List.

Approx. 18" x 18" x 1"


The painting titled “Layaway” was inspired during a month-long residency that I spent exhibiting the Nomadic Project Collection in Aiken, SC. It was at that time, I studied and learned about the Savannah River Site, a nuclear reservation in the United States in the state ofSouth Carolina, located on land in Aiken, Allendale, and Barnwell counties adjacent to the Savannah River. TheSavannah River was declared by far the most toxicpollution discharges, according to the EPA’s data. Polluters dumped over seven million lbs. of toxic chemical waste into theriver in 2007, including 38,064 lbs. of chemicals known to cause cancer.

 After and traveling to and painting in all fifty states, I fell deeply in love with the land that provided me so much love and inspiration. The effects that human actions of today have on our children’s opportunity to enjoy that same inspiring landscape, became a serious concern to me. So, in this painting titled Layaway, the idea of putting the environment on hold for the future is illustrated through the contrast of branches and leaves with a hanging price tag. The barcode in the painting is the zip code for Aiken, South Carolina.

 This painting was exhibited in Aiken, before being returned to me to share it all with you. I hope that it serves as a beautiful reminder that we can’t put the environment on layaway. We must care for it and protect it in order to guarantee that its beauty outlives us. To guarantee that generations to come can feel the inspiration, rejuvenation, and sustenance that nature has continued to provide for the human race. 

 The painting titledLayaway is painted on canvas with acrylic paint. There is a physical opening in the canvas where I ripped out a section to sew in mirror-written text from my personal journal. The entire painting comes ready to hang, stretched around a wooden frame, ready to add beauty, inspiration and mindfulness to your home.

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