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artist-Jessie Alon

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Artist Submissions

Great Artists and Craftsman Wanted!

  SInce 2009, our mission has been to be a premier destination for artful living. We maintain a very high standard of excellence and a reputation for quality. If you are interested in being represented by DaVallia, please read the following carefully for more information. Visit our gallery or browse our website or to be sure your work matches the style and quality we represent. We not only consider artists for inclusion in our gallery, but also as part of our roster of artists we use for our interior design work. Thank you for consider us to represent your work.

The Application Process

The purpose of this application process is to determine whether work submitted is appropriate for DaVallia and our customers. The first step to start this process is to fill out this simple preliminary application form. After your application is approved, we will contact you to schedule an interview. We will not consider any work without an application. Artists are encouraged to visit us to see our spaces.  We never look at artwork prior to receiving a completed application. We reserve our time in the gallery to welcome and educate customers and sell work. Feel free to introduce yourself but please refrain from bringing in work or portfolios.


Jurying Criteria

We are looking for work which has a high level of craftsmanship. It should reflect the artist’s spirit and individuality in design, with special attention to details, finishing, and presentation. We welcome emerging artists as well as nationally-recognized artist to apply. We do not limit our scope to Vermont artists only, any American-based artists are welcome to apply. 


Aesthetic:   Clear integration of form, color, texture, and design
Technical:   Command of the medium and consistency of quality
Expressive:   Clear personal vision and unique, distinctive style
Marketability:   Appeal & compatibility to DaVallia’s customer base