Closed 3/31-May 1 for Spring Break



artist-Jessie Alon

We are discontinuing our Fashion Collection that was at our downtown Art Boutique. Shop now and save. Limited stock available!

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Our Story

DaVallia was born from a desire to rethink what a gallery is and how people experience art. We wanted to showcase our own artwork as well as highlight Vermont's finest artists and craftspeople. In 2009, we created a one-of-a-kind space that evolves often, that is beautiful and has the warmth of home. DaVallia gave us freedom as artists to create whatever we wanted and to showcase it without limits. It was important to us that the space felt welcoming and inspiring. We wanted to showcase art in an environment that felt like home. So when you walked through the doors you could visualize what your home could look like and feel like with handmade pieces. DaVallia is so much more than just a gallery. It is home to us and our studios. It is a creative compound that we raised our son in. It is truly its own piece of artwork that is always changing. We've been working on the property, carving in gardens and outside rooms and renovating the 200 year old farmhouse to reflect our love and passions. We wanted to honor this old house, keeping as much authenticity as possible. But we also wanted it to tell a new story. As a family we have evolved here. Slowly pouring our heart and soul into DaVallia. Which in return has given us a most rewarding gift. We get to be surrounded by beautiful objects, made by beautiful people. We've gained a family of artists and have met some of the most amazing people. We get to share a piece of our self with the world and hope to make their lives better with art. Art has a huge impact on our lives and the way it makes our home feel. We hope to inspire you to make your home the space you truly love being in.