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artist-Jessie Alon

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Living with Art, Made Easy

oil painting of VT barn by artist Peter Batchelder in situ

Art Rendering Services

At DaVallia, you can see the painting you love in your home before buying. Our digital art rendering service allows you the ability to truly envision how a piece will look and feel in your home. Our experience as interior designers gives our customers an advantage to get expert advice on selecting the perfect piece. Wondering if it’s the right size, scale or piece is eliminated.

Process & Cost


The process is easy. Email us a picture of your space where you envision the piece being hung. Include the measurement of at least one point of reference so we can render the space to scale as accurately as possible. Example above depicts the original image and example renderings.(Red lines are only to indicate where the client gave dimensions of their space, not in the original photo provided)Once the rendering is done, we will email you it to decide if the piece is right for you. During the entire process, the artwork being rendered will be reserved for you until 24hrs after we email you back. After 24hrs, the hold is released and the artwork becomes available again for purchase.


Renderings are essential free. The fee for rendering services are $30/rendering or $50 for up to 3 pieces of artwork rendered on the same wall space. Rendering fees will be credited towards your purchase of artwork. Rendering services are only available for artwork that we curate. 

Art Curation Services

Over the past 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming one of New England’s finest destinations for artful living. Whether it’s to acquire your first piece of art or you’re an avid collector, we can assist you in finding the perfect piece. Acquiring work is only the first step in truly appreciating art. Besides selection, presentation(framing),proper placement on the wall and in the home are important factors to consider.  We can assist in all facets to help you truly enjoy your art or collection to its fullest potential. Our range of services go from hanging a single piece to curating your entire collection.