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artist-Jessie Alon

We are discontinuing our Fashion Collection that was at our downtown Art Boutique. Shop now and save. Limited stock available!

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Artful Living

Michael & Jessie Alon specialize in an array of design services for artful living. With a diversified range of experience in the arts and design, their combined knowledge and synergy allow them to excel in seeing the true potential in a space. They take pride in transforming spaces by providing beautiful art and home accents made by local artists and featuring unique vintage pieces. With access to hundreds of talented artists and craftspeople from small studios in Vermont and across the United States, they offer their clients a truly custom-made home.  A well thought out space, a home filled with character and history will reward you tenfold with its ability to add beauty and joy to your life. Creating or reinventing a new space should be enjoyable and stress free. Thoughtfully designed, a project should cost less by avoiding mistakes and properly allocating the budget to the elements that matter most. As artists, Michael & Jessie design aesthetic is centered around artful living. They take a different approach to designing a home and allocate at least 15% of the budget towards art, handmade, and vintage pieces.

Turning Dreams into Reality

We have a diverse experience in the fields of construction, architecture, art & design. This allows us to offer our clients a unique design approach and bespoke homes. It’s never to early to start a conversation on how we can help. Contact us today to learn more.