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Raising Paper Dolls-Painting 44x78

Kristin Llamas

This original painting is by Tennessee based artist Kristin Llamas. "Raising Paper Dolls" is acrylic on pieced canvas depicting antique paper doll clothes on a clothesline. Scroll down for more information about shipping and our list of design services. Detailed images of the painting and framing available upon request. If you'd like exclusive access to new artwork, sign up for our 1st Dibs List.

Approx. 44" x 78" x 1.5"


The painting titledRaising Paper Dollsis a commentary on our modern individuality. Antique paper doll clothes represent both the wardrobe and the roles of young men and women. Dresses, flowers, and dolls are meant to represent the young female, while baseball, shorts, and military attire are synonymous with a traditional “boy” role. We have since come very far from what dictates the traditional wardrobe and role of men and women, but still, have a long way to go. Women can now take the position as wife and mother, just as well as CEO or captain in the Army. Men can grow up to become stay at home dads, creatives, or businessmen alike. While our stereotypes have begun to soften, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. School and office dress codes are still very biased in many places, as well as pay and opportunity have yet to be offered on an equal level. But there is much hope in progress. Society’s mindset and level of respect are broadening and breaking the molds of what defines a male and female role. We live in a time where we must ask ourselves, do we want to continue raising paper dolls, or string those old thoughts out on a line and offer every young man and woman the opportunity to pursue their own path based on individual strengths and passions.

This conversation is highlighted in one of the artist’s favorite songs titledWhen I Was a Boy by singer Dar Williams. The lyrics speak of when girls are young and they can ride bikes and climb trees just like all the boys do. Young boys can pick flowers with their moms and cry when they are hurt, just like all the girls do. But as we grow, society changes us to fit into the mold of a traditional man and woman. If you have never heard the song, it is a beautiful commentary on this topic and worth a listen.

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