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Modern Madonna-Oil Painting 48x72

Kristin Llamas

This original oil painting is by Tennessee based artist Kristin Llamas. "Modern Madonna" is a mixed media on sewn canvas of madonna and child. A paper crane sits beside an antique keyScroll down for more information about shipping and our list of design services. Detailed images of the painting and framing available upon request. If you'd like exclusive access to new artwork, sign up for our 1st Dibs List.

Approx. 48" x72" x 1.5"


This painting titled Modern Madonna came from the inspiration to share imagery of motherhood in a da Vinci-esque way (is that a word? It should be!). Depicted is the perspective of my own mom, who was coping with the loss of her mother, while at the same time I (the youngest generation) started having children. This unlocked a transition of generational roles with my mom suddenly becoming the matriarch.

Three generations of women (my grandmother, mom and myself) was repositioned to three generations of women being my mother, myself and my newborn daughter. This imagery of 3’s, along with such a symbolic change in roles was so vivid in my mind that I painted this piece with such ease and grace. Every element fell into place so seamlessly.

 Mirror-written in the piece is a journal entry I wrote on my interpretation of motherhood in modern society. At the bottom, it is written both forward and backward, the statement “Madonna, here’s your child.”

The paper crane and antique key rest in the bottom left-hand corner. The origami peace crane became a recurring theme in my work as I adjusted to creating a place of peace between baby and mother, while the key symbolizes a connection to the past as doors are opened to the future.  


Original one-of-a-kind painting on canvas by fine Artist Kristin Llamas. Signed and registered in the artist’s registry.

The block of text is a physical opening in the canvas where the artist ripped out a section to sew in mirror-written text pulled from her personal journal.

Arrives ready to hang, stretched around a wooden frame, ready to add beauty, inspiration and mindfulness to your home for generations to come.

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