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American Crow

Hand carved from 100 year old chestnut by Vermont Artist,  Wendy Lichtensteiger.

* 13"H x 22"L x 6"W

Wendy's devoted passion for producing and making by "reclaiming what is thought to be waste".  Wendy creates her carvings with over 100 year old Wormy Chestnut, a once abundant tree that disappeared from the American landscape due to a 1920's blight.   An appropriate material that in turns pays homage to the aviary creatures that once inhabited and perched in them.

Staining the carvings rather than painting them reveals the beauty of the woods historic characteristics and natural "feathery" grain.  The cracks, checks and wormholes testify to the symbiotic relationship of nature and time.  Often a favorite piece of driftwood or a found branch, which Lichtensteiger considers works of art in their own right,  serves as a base for her woodcarvings.

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