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Wendy Lichtensteiger  |  Master Wood Carver

Wendy_Lichtensteiger_wood bird carver

Artist Statement

Sincerely enamored with nature, Wendy Lichtensteiger has been documenting its offerings since her childhood on Erskine Lake, NJ. By direct observation and through photographs, sketches, and naturally found objects, Wendy has developed a deep respect for the mysterious wonders of plants and animals and the integrated relationship they maintain. She navigates this respect and her devoted passion for producing and making by "reclaiming what is thought to be waste."

Wendy creates her carvings with over 100 year old Wormy Chestnut, a once abundant tree that disappeared from the American landscape because of a 1920's blight.  An appropriate material that in turns pays homage to the aviary creatures that once inhabited and perched in them. Staining the carvings instead of painting them reveals the beauty of the woods historic characteristics and naturally "feathery" grain. The cracks, checks and wormholes testify to the symbiotic relationship of nature and time. Often a favorite piece of driftwood or a found branch, which Lichtensteiger considers works of art in their own right, serves as a base for her woodcarvings. 

After studying Studio Art at Arizona State University and moving back to the east coast to help open the Wooden Feather Folk Art Gallery, Wendy underwent a 5 year apprenticeship with her father Lance, himself a woodcarver of over 35 years.  Having honed her woodcarving skills on the Jersey shore; she has built a woodshop of her own in the wooded mountains of Vermont.

If you are looking to acquire a sculpture of a bird species that is not listed on DaVallia's website, please contact Michael Alon directly (802.875.8900) to discuss having a piece created especially for you. Some birds have the ability to be wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling, or in flocks for larger installations . DaVallia can help you to get the perfect piece for you and your home.