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Stephen Procter   |   Master Ceramicist


Stephen Procter Ceramic garden vessels

Artist Statement

    Ever since falling in love with clay Stephen Procter has been fascinated by large vessels— the sense of presence they emanate, the sensuous language of their curves, the way they beckon the viewer to approach and touch. Stephen builds large pieces in many stages, joining damp sections in a modified version of the coil-and-throw method found in many ancient cultures.  Although he works on a potter’s wheel, his approach is essentially sculptural:  Beginning with a rough idea of scale and mood, the details of form and decoration arise through an improvisational dance that unfolds over a period of days as the piece finds its way to completion. It’s a joy for him to explore the mysteries of line, volume and movement though his craft, and to be able to share his work with others who enjoy the timeless beauty of this ancient art form.

    Stephen Procter lives and works in Brattleboro, Vermont. His vessels are represented in permanent collections and in fine galleries across New England. The sculpture gardens at DaVallia's 39 North Gallery are the best location in New England to view and envision pieces in a natural environment year round. If you have interest in aquiring a piece, contact Michael Alon directly at (802) 875-8900 to discuss your landscaping project. Michael can assist you with selection, design, and placement.

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