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Open Thurs-Monday 10-5



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Sang Ho Han | Contemporary Realism 

Contemporary Realism painter Sang Ho Han

Artist Statement

Sang Ho Han is a Korean-born contemporary landscape painter with a flair for highly detailed panoramic scenes of nature both bursting in life and poetic in silent isolation.

The tragic loss of his father at an early age induced Sang to seek productive escape and solace in the arts. After years of unwavering determination and disciplined self-study, he eventually found comfort in mastering the technical precision of traditional painting techniques most used in Luminism and Impressionism.

In each majestic, usually deserted landscape, harmonious effects of play in light, color and shadows blend with layers created by brushes and textured with paint knives. The method convincingly evokes atmospheric, sweeping views that envelope the viewer in tranquil emotion. His primary medium of oil painting on canvas retains the classical feel and longevity tributary to works of the Old Masters.

A devout Christian, the spirituality of his landscapes is visually inherent - each seascape, cityscape, creekside, forest vista and seasonal change is glorified in a divine, sublime, organic reality. Be it monochromatic and melancholy, or vividly bright and uplifting, Sang’s reverence to the outer world and its constant state of flux reflects on his intrinsic inner world - filled with energy yet thorough in contemplative dualities, deep strength, calmness and steadiness of character.

Having previously lived in the cities of Seoul, New York, and Dallas, Sang’s paintings over the past 30 years have inspired and transported viewers into these idyllic natural spaces often forgotten in the noise of urban life. His works is collected internationally and is available exclusively in select fine galleries. 

A gallery in France currently has an exclusive that permits us from showing pricing or selling pieces online. Please contact us directly for more information.