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Joe Lupiani   |  Sculptor

Joe Lupiani making wood and bronze sculpture

    Sculpture is a journey for me, toward an ever expanding horizon, New mediums and techniques, open doors to greater possibilities. This is where I like to be as an artist, at the edge of what I know. By taking a raw idea and directing my energy toward it, a sculpture emerges. The result being a record of the process that created it. I work in bronze, steel, wood and stone. The common thread being this process of discovery and my respect for the form the materials want to take. This creative process has become more important than the artwork for me. It is when my
world is focused down to what’s right in front of me. These times of complete immersion in the work are why I create art. It is a constant act of deciding what looks right to my eye and if it’s not how to make it so

    My admiration of classical sculpture and it's expressions of drapery and pose contribute to my latest work . I wanted to channel these elements but in a way that felt more contemporary. My intent was sculptures that make you smile but show the craftsmanship I strive for. The chimeras are wooden portraits of some of the unseen beasts that look uncannily like someone you may know. Adding clothes and a human posture to animals feels like I am giving a personality to a piece of wood.

    After spending many years working in bronze and steel while in Tucson AZ, I have recently moved to Grafton, Vermont. Living here has brought me full circle to using more wood and stone, what I started sculpting almost 20 years ago. The new directions available with digital sculpting and robotic machining and printing have opened up my work-set from monumental to miniature. I truly appreciate one foot in the new world of digital and the other in the old world of real materials and craftsman ship.