About us

noun da·val·lia \dəˈvalēə\


When we joined our lives and created our dream of opening a gallery, we wanted a name that connected to Jessie’s jewelry business, Fiddlehead Studio. One night we pulled out our huge botanical book, opened it to the fern section and there is was: DaVallia! A beautiful fern, a beautiful name and a perfect fit for our desire to bring beauty into your lives, body, home and garden.  

Michael & Jessie Alon
(And Hayden, our best work!



DaVallia Art & Accent is a husband & wife partnership where they collaborate, design, and create together. After pursuing careers in Southern California, which did not align with their true nature, Michael and Jessie landed themselves in Chester, Vermont.To create was such a strong desire for them both that it fueled a  natural pursuit to explore art for a living. Jessie launched a wholesale jewelry business, Fiddlehead Studio in 2005. Jessie’s crazy show schedule lead them through the northeast were they soon developed a family of unique artist. Michael and Jessie became so inspired by all the talent around them which motivated them to continue to fight for their dream. Their dream was to open a gallery together since the day they met. After being “behind the scenes” with so much inspiration they were confident they could curate an amazing gallery space. They wanted to redefine what a gallery was. Taking the ego and stuffiness that sometimes comes along with galleries and to rise above that standard. They wanted to blend a fusion of fine art, home décor, jewelry, furniture and gifts that were well made and handcrafted.



In 2009 they opened DaVallia. What began as a small space of 10 amazing artist has grown to something much more. Michael and Jessie now have two locations showcasing the works of over 60 local and nationally recognized artist. Their Art Boutique on Chester’s village green showcases handmade gifts, jewelry, accessories and home décor. Their newest endeavor, DaVallia at 39 North is an evolving creative space designed to fuel their passion for the arts. An 1800’s farmhouse has been transformed into the perfect backdrop for their gallery and studios. The grounds, designed by landscape architect Scott J. Morgan, showcases an array of sculpture and garden art. The gallery showcases Jessie’s artisan jewelry and Michael’s furniture and sculpture in addition to fine art from the local area.