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We are discontinuing our Fashion Collection that was at our downtown Art Boutique. Shop now and save. Limited stock available!

The finest pizza ovens from Italy now available!


Classico 2 Pizze Oven-Gas

The Classico 2 Pizze is the ideal solution for those who have little space, but still want to cook pizzas or tasty delicacies to surprise friends and family. It has a traditional design and compact size that allows you to cook a perfect pizza in just 90 seconds and up to 2 kg of bread per baking. Available with either wood or gas fuel, but you can choose to double your culinary possibilities by transforming it into a hybrid oven thanks to the Alfa Hybrid Kit. Applied on the gas-fired oven, the Hybrid Kit will allow you to decide from time to time whether to cook your dishes using wood or gas, giving you the maximum freedom of expression in the kitchen.

  • OVEN ONLY, available with base
  • It is a compact outdoor pizza oven with a traditional and elegant design that can be integrated into any space.
  • It features advanced Alfa Heat Genius™ technology
  • The size of the cooking chamber allows you to conveniently cook 2 pizzas in 90 seconds and 2 kg of bread per baking.
  • It can be mounted on a trolley with side handle, equipped with wheels, which makes it easy and light to move around.
  • The hob consists of interchangeable refractory bricks.
  • The stainless steel vault makes it possible to reach temperatures ranging up to 500° C in a few minutes.
  • The ceramic fibre insulation enables you to keep the heat inside the oven for a long time, allowing you to save on fuel.
  • The stainless steel door is equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy opening of the oven mouth without risking burning.
  • The pyrometer helps you know the cooking chamber temperature accurately.
  • The stainless steel front facilitates cleaning and if you wish you can add the ledge as a particularly useful accessory to place trays and food on.
  • The optional base of the oven has a convenient shelf where you can stack the wood, or place the gas cylinder according to the type of your oven’s fuel supply.
  • Assembly is quick and easy.  Thanks to the Gas Kit you can easily connect your oven to the gas cylinder, while in the model powered by wood you just need to insert the flue and you are ready to cook.


Alfa Heat Genius™

The secret to making great pizza at home

Only Alfa has Heat Genius™ technology that allows you to cook the pizza base and toppings at different temperatures, just like in professional wood-burning ovens used in pizzerias.

Heat Genius™ combines 3 unique and high-performance technologies

DaVallia Outdoor Living Showroom

In 2022, we created our outdoor living showroom. It’s a private showroom for our design clients to showcase how to bring our concept of “artful living” outdoors designed and built by us!

The showroom features natural stone work, water features, a greenhouse, a variety of gardens and design elements of how to make an outdoor space functional and enjoyable.

Partnering with ALFA oven’s was part of this. Enjoying the beauty of the Vermont outdoors with great friends, conversation and food can not be beat! And as you can tell, in any season!