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Sustainable Clean Home Gift Bundle

Give a gift that keeps on giving with this sustainable gift bundle. This gift bundle includes four zero waste cleaning tools that make cleaning safe for you and the environment. Little changes make big impact! 

Gift packaged beautifully for lovely, worry free gift giving.

This bundle includes:

1. Wooden pot and pan brush- The sturdy brush fits snugly in your hand for an easy clean of the pots in the kitchen.

2. Wool Dryer balls- This six pack of 100% natural wool  dryer balls are carefully handmade, chemicals free, with no synthetics, hypoallergenic and won’t harm your skin. Wool dryer balls, reduce wrinkles and shorten drying time, a better choice than dryer sheets, liquid fabric softeners, and plastic dryer balls. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the balls for fresh scented laundry.

3. Kitchen Loofah Sponge,Set of 3- This natural kitchen sponge is made from 100% loofah and sewn with 100% cotton thread making it fully compostable. Most sponges are made of plastic and not only are they around for hundreds of years but they allow microplastics to go down the drain and into our water systems. 

4. Beechwood Dish Brush-  This natural fiber dishwashing brush is the great all round washing-up tool. Perfect for cleaning jars and hard to reach places.

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