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Small Peacock Necklace

The Peacock is known to be  symbolic for  openness, purity and immortality.                                                                                                                                 

This sweet terrazzo necklace It is made using a mixture of  recycled glass and reclaimed marble. A large chuck of green glass sparkles in the center of the pendant.

Terrazzo can be traced back as far as Neolithic times. Buildings in Western Asia were made out of burnt lime and clay, colored red with ochre and polished. The embedded crushed limestone gave them an appearance of a natural stone.

The color and texture in Jessie's terrazzo pieces are achieved by the glass and marble used, making each one a “true one of a kind”. After casting the terrazzo, they go through a curing process and then each stone is hand polished then sealed before becoming a piece of jewelry.

*Sterling silver chain with sterling silver lobster clasp

*18" long

* Pendant  1" x 3/4"

*made by Jessie Alon in her Vermont Studio

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