River Bed Terrazzo Bracelet

The River Bed Terrazzo bracelet is made with hand hammered sterling silver circles that join the terrazzo center piece. Made with recycled glass, reclaimed marble and river rock from the Williams river this bracelet is about going with the flow.

Terrazzo can be traced back as far as Neolithic times. Buildings in Western Asia were made out of burnt lime and clay, colored red with ochre and polished. The embedded crushed limestone gave them an appearance of a natural stone.

The concept of using recycled and local materials seems so logical. However, today this is a concept that isn’t used often. We truck materials in from all over the world to build with, to cook with and things are no longer made by hand.

Jessie Alon is using the technique of terrazzo where most of her material are recycled and found locally.

” I find it inspiring knowing that I’m passing on an ancient technique into a line of jewelry. There is this unspoken relationship between my hands and my spirit while I create my art. I love the idea, that beautiful things can be created out of reclaimed materials.  That I am creating something from scratch that has an ancient feel with an ancient story.”

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