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Organic White Sage & Sweetgrass Smudge Stick Bundle

There’s smudging AND there’s smudging - you’ve probably heard of white sage but how about sweetgrass? Even better still the combination of them both together?? So let’s have a look at each and why they work so well together.

SWEETGRASS-(Hierochloe odorata) Also called Seneca grass, holy grass or vanilla grass. This very special herb's sweet vanilla-like scent is like the breath of the Earth mother, bringing the blessing of Mother Earth's love. Sweetgrass is burned to remind us of essence of the feminine and that the earth provides us with everything we need. Native tribes in North Americans consider it a sacred plant. It is usually braided, dried, and burned. Sweetgrass braids smoulder and doesn't produce an open flame when burned. PURPOSE: good vibes and purification use at the beginning of ceremonies to attract positive energies a smudging tool to purify peoples auras, cleanse objects clear ceremonial areas or healing spaces. 

  • Made in United States of America.
  • Organic grown in California.
  • 4" Long
  • Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, expect variation in the appearance of each unique piece.   

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