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Handcrafted Steel Dragonfly

Handmade in California, these stunning dragonflies have adapted well to our Vermont landscape. Handmade using a single piece of metal that has been cut, folded, formed, textured and heat treated. The dragonfly is a reminder to "Live life to the fullest." 

 Available in two sizes;  5 1/2 inch (small), and 9 inch (large), each one has a built-in hanger that is centered and balanced to allow the dragonfly to hang in any direction. Designed to be arranged in a grouping or swarm of a few or several, going up a wall, over a doorway, or on any surface where texture and dimension are desired. In a swarm they are a creative alternative to traditional framed art, without the limitations of a border or frame.   Mixing the two sizes makes them even more dramatic, and the two sizes can represent a family with adults and children.


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