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Diffuser Necklace-Sterling Circle

Minimalist and dainty this circle lava stone lays flat on a 18” delicate sterling silver chain.It is a perfect size stone to diffuse your essential oils,measuring 1/2” round. This is a perfect everyday piece to use with your Favorite essential oils. 

*How to infuse your lava rock jewelry with essential oil
Apply 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava rock pendant.

Lava rock beads are naturally porous, soaking up essential oil and gently diffusing the scent with the help of your body heat. Enjoy 2-5 days of aromatherapy and reapply oil as desired.

Special Note:
Every lava bead is as unique as a fingerprint- the porous nature of genuine lava stones creates patterns of tiny ‘craters’ on each bead. Lava pendants and beads will inevitably vary from the photo in stone shape, crater size, and pattern.

Made in Vermont by Shannon Parker

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