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Hand-Blown Glass Rolling Wine Decanter - Red

Nick Kekic

This hand-blown rolling wine decanter is handcrafted in Vermont. It is designed to aerate fine red wines and filter and separate sediment for the perfect glass. It will stylishly hold an entire 750 ml bottle and it is one of the few designs that the artist makes almost exclusively in clear glass. It's a great piece to help you truly enjoy a nice red and for entertaining because the decanter creates a wonderful optical illusion that captivates the eye. As it is rolling, the button appears to move around on the surface of the form in the opposite direction as it's rolling. Fun and functional!


  • Crafted from pure, clear soda-lime crystal glass
  • Decorative colored glass detailing
  • Wax-like ”button” on the shoulder of the form, inspired by vintage bottled wines sealed with a wax stamp seal.
  • Lip wrap of colored glass  on top of decanter
  • Acrylic decanter stand included for storage
  • Capacity: 750 mL
  • Approximately  7" dia. x 10.5" H

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