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Kate Morgan | Mixed-Media Artist

Kate Morgan Mixed Media artist at DaVallia Gallery

Artist Statement

    In 2011 I went to an art therapy group for women with PTSD at McLean Hospital in Bedford, MA. I have developmental PTSD from childhood abuse. Several art mediums were set in front of us and we were asked to ex- press an emotion. I grabbed some pastels and for the first time I expressed myself through art. It was and is the best medicine I have found. I am an accidental artist just trying to get through life. The actuality that my art is valued and appreciated is a boon for which I am grateful.

    I am a mixed media collage artist living rurally in Douglas, Massachusetts. I work from a studio in my home. I am bound to no medium, but I gravitate towards collage and acrylics in most of my pieces. My subject matter is women!s figurative and portrait collage painting. I love to create generous texture in my work. I achieve that by creating layers of Venetian plaster, var- ious acrylic mediums, glazes, natural fiber papers, photography and more. I am fond of traditional hand screened Japanese washi paper and use it in most of my pieces. I write thoughts, poems and lyrics in most backgrounds that are sometimes legible or you get a glimpse of through the layers. I am highly influenced by music and the many books I!ve read. I love fantasy fiction.

    My work is self-therapeutic and expressionistic at its core. My work tell stories of my past, present and what I hope for. They represent what I dream things should be and outlet emotional and spiritual themes I am working through. Faith in the Divine and the Unseen is a continual thread for all my inspiration. I am passionate about finding light in the darkness and I hope that peeks through in my art.


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