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Harris Meisel | American Sculptor and Painter

Harris Meisel views the world from an unusual aesthetic and scientific perspective… simultaneously. From an early age he developed an inherent talent for painting in the classic forms and pursued the arts at the Tyler School of Fine Arts at Temple University, where he completed a BFA.

Meisel’s constant drive to create combined with the determination to discover truths beneath life’s surface brings with it an aesthetic that bridges the arts and sciences. As a natural outcome, he completed the degree of Doctor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in rehabilitation medicine.

His natural bent for writing, together with painting and sculpting, undergirds Meisel’s practice of medicine. His poetic sensibilities and deep humanity inform and transform his practice of rehabilitation medicine in extraordinary ways. As Founder and Director of the “Expressive Therapies of the Arts in Rehabilitation” he evolved as a doctor-artist and transcended to become an Integrated Healer; this, an exceptional accomplishment given that his work predates the advent of formal Integrative Medicine.

During his generative career he married sculpture, painting, and poetry with the art of miraculous medicine, thus serving the recovery of hundreds. Clearly a renaissance octogenarian for all seasons, he continues life as a dynamic force, as well as a guiding influence in the lives of many.


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