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David Munyak   |  Master Woodturner

David Munyak is a Vermont based artist that has had a lifetime of experience working with wood.  This background, along with an education in design and his strict attention to detail, makes him uniquely suited to create finely crafted works of art. David turns each object freehand.  While turning, he frequently touches the work with his hands to evaluate things like wall thickness and surface smoothness.  This, coupled with ongoing visual assessment of overall shape, relationship of curves, figure in the wood and other aspects, helps to achieve the goal of visual and physical balance in a piece. 

The creative process in woodturning is similar to sculpting; one begins with a rough blank and ‘simply’ removes what doesn’t belong.   However, the way in which material is removed differs tremendously from sculpting.  A sharp gouge applied to a piece of wood spinning at 1200 rpm on a lathe results in a stream of chips flying through the air while a form is revealed.  This is simultaneously thrilling and awe inspiring.

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