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Tribe Family Iron Candle Holders

These rustic, yet refined hand forged iron candlesticks are will look great individually or as a "family" grouping. Available in three sizes and each one unique, you can create your own family. Designed with a heavier base to keep candles safe from tipping over.  Each one comes with a clean burning 100% bees wax candle. Addition bees wax candles available separately. Sizes and texture will very slight as it is handmade. Handcrafted in America! 

Approximate sizes below

"Father" -  9"tall (holds 7/8" candle)

"Mother"- 8"tall (holds 1/2" candle)

"Son"  - 6.5"tall (holds 1/2" candle)

"Daughter"  - 6.5"tall (holds 1/2" candle)

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