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Glass Rolling Wine Decanter- Blue Twist

Nick Kekic 

This hand-blown rolling wine decanter is handcrafted in Vermont. It is designed to aerate fine red wines and filter and separate sediment for the perfect glass. It will stylishly hold an entire 750 ml bottle and it is one of the few designs that the artist makes almost exclusively in clear glass. This rolling wine decanter, made with cane stripes, has become our favorite decanter design. This decanter is made by fusing thin rods or canes of colored glass into the surface of the bubble of glass. Then the artist twists the mass of glass to achieve the spiral cane pattern on the vessel.  The symbolism of unity with the the two stripes fused together makes this one of our best wedding gifts!


  • Crafted from pure, clear soda-lime crystal glass
  • Decorative colored glass detailing
  • Spiral cane pattern on the vessel which is emphasized when the decanter rolls 
  • Lip wrap of colored glass  on top of decanter
  • Acrylic decanter stand included for storage
  • Capacity: 750 mL
  • Approximately  7" dia. x 10.5" H

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